The Jindal Foundation
The Supriya Jindal Foundation for Louisiana’s Children Announces Initiative to Award $20,000 to Louisiana Schools

The Supriya Jindal Foundation for Louisiana’s Children is thrilled to announce an initiative to encourage all Louisiana schools to participate in’s “Hour of Code” December 8th-14th, 2014 during National Computer Science Education Week. As an incentive, The Foundation is offering an award of $5,000 to be used for educational purposes for each elementary, middle and high school that has the largest percentage of students participating in the program. The Foundation will also award an additional $5,000, to be drawn at random, for educational purposes to one school in Louisiana that participates in this initiative. Thus, the Foundation is thrilled to offer $20,000 for this challenge!

About the Competition
To compete for the award, students are asked to complete’s Hour of Code lesson entitled “Write your first computer program.” The lesson can be found at Once the 20 activities in the lesson are completed, students are asked to print out a certificate of completion. The student should only use their first name and no personally identifiable information should be submitted with or on the certificate. We ask that the school compile the certificates and attach a letter with the name of the school, a contact name, phone number, grades served at the school, the number of students enrolled, and the number of certificates included. If the school encompasses elementary and middle or middle and high, or any combination, we ask that the school note the category (elementary, middle or high) the school would like to compete in. In the event of a tie, a random drawing from the schools that tie in each category will determine the winner. The certificates must be postmarked by Friday, December 19th and packets are to be mailed to:

The Supriya Jindal Foundation for Louisiana’s Children P.O. Box 4391 Baton Rouge, LA 70821

For questions, please feel free to reach the Foundation at 225.773.1415.

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